“Life is too short for boring makeup “ , and eyebrows are an essential feature you cannot miss to boost your look. So brows should no longer be ignored while you do your full face makeup. Who doesn’t want to achieve those effortless , natural looking eyebrows that makes your makeup look more alive ? That’s exactly what we do for beauty.

I’ve seen people with light brows , bushy ones and none at all. Regardless of how they naturally are, you can fix them in a way that they appear natural. However , if you already have your eyebrows shaped well, just a few color strokes can bring out your eyes.

Lets quickly begin with our steps to get those natural yet perfect looking brows;


Before you start filling your brows, brush them upwards with an angled brow brush (also, called as slanted liner brush). You can also use a spoolie brush (the one which is used as mascara applicator) because of its spiral bristles that shapes those unruly hairs of your brows.


If you have light hair there, opt for a shade which is a slight darker than your natural color. On the other hand , if you have a dark hair color, choose a tone which one or two shade lighter than your natural one.


You can use any of the three techniques for your brows and find which one suits YOU.

If you’re using powder , use a stiff angled brush so as to give your brows a defining shape . The stiff bristles of such brushes makes it easy to bring the shape that we want for our brows if moved in the direction of the growth of the brows , using POWDER obviously.

If you wish to use a pencil , hold the pencil lightly and start filling hair stroked in sparse areas. Pencils work really great for sparse spots. You can use brow wax to avoid it from smudging while you use a pencil (also works great for powder).

Lastly, if you want to go for mousse , you can cover gray brows, instantly deepen hair color, and provide some holding power. Simply stroke on your brows like you put mascara on your lashes. However, avoid putting multiple coats on your brows.


While you shape your brows, make sure they don’t look too fake or dramatic. Use small , hair-like strokes to give your brows a natural shape . Don’t forget to finely shape the front of your brows in front of a mirror, make sure it is not squared off or too harsh.

Follow these simple steps for natural and super classy look . Also, you can choose your favorite brand products .

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